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Fflocking silicone DS-98ZR from Deshare

文章出处:德尚新材料 发表时间:2017-12-28 15:43:54

Electrostatic flocking

Electrostatic flocking is one of the important applications of electrostatic technology in the textile industry,electrostatic flocking is working by repulses the different electricity mutual attraction with the electricity,put the fine hair into the box which with negative electricity,and then,the fine hair will glazed with negative charge,Put the object that needs to be flocked under zero potential or grounding condition. The mobile container is close to the flocked object to form a high-voltage electric field between the negative charge container and the plant body.The villi in the container are negatively charged, and are attracted by the hetero potential by the plant body, and become vertical to accelerate the flight to the surface of the object that needs to be flocked. Because the plants are coated with adhesives, the fluff is vertically adhered to the plants.Nowadays,flocking silicone is almost working by electrostatic.

Technological process

There are various kinds of silica flocking products at present,and the equipment is different,But the process is roughly the same:mix up the silicone→printing DS-98ZR→electrostatic flockingdrying→cleaningproduct.


Fflocking silicone DS-98ZR from Deshare

1、Soft hand feeling,great adhesive,can pass the washing test

2、Three-component silicone,60℃ flash cure,can stay for long working time

3、Moderate viscosity

4、Machine printing operation, can be produced in large quantities

5、Eco-friendly,no PVC、Benzene phosphorus、heavy metals and other harmful substances

6、perfect effect图片关键词图片关键词图片关键词

The picture of flocking effect