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Anti-migration silicone DS-9820F

文章出处:德尚新材料 发表时间:2017-12-28 17:22:50

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Nowadays,The printing of dyed cloth increases greatly, and the screen printing is more and more complex and demanding,After printing some dark textile fabrics, the reactive dyes in the original cloth will be sublimated to the printed silica gel, which pollute the printing part, seriously affect the quality of printing products, and cause great losses!Therefore, the anti-migration is becoming more and more important in the printing industry图片关键词图片关键词

Form now on,we didn't worry about the problem of fabrics migration anymore,The anti sublimation printing is a special printing process to prevent the sublimation and pollution of the bottom. It is a new issue in the printing industry in recent years.Three component anti-migration silicone form Dongguan Deshare,no need catalyst,suitable for all kinds of fabrics,Keep the color of screen printing,anti-migration forever,No blocking by the screen,No separation,Guarantee the quality of printed products图片关键词图片关键词图片关键词

The picture of silicone product


The picture of Anti-migration


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