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Knowledge of screen printing silicone

文章出处:德尚新材料 发表时间:2017-12-16 09:25:24

Dongguan Deshare Tech

Screen printing silicone is a kind of silicone suitable for Handmade silk screen printing、Turntable silk screen printing and Ribbon screen printing,can be firmly attached to the surface of the textile.
The pattern with no separation,colorful,strong 3D effect,soft hand felling, excellent peel strength, wear resistance, brightness and wash fastness.
2.Half-tone,and the color won’t be run away.
3.Variety effects,glossy/matte,high density/ round.
Eco-friendly silicone for screen printing,great adhesion,high strength,soft hand felling,strong 3D effect,beautiful decorative effect,excellent performance,non-toxic and tasteless.
Standard adjustment technology description:Tools:Electronic said、Knife、Container
Clear silicone:Clear silicone used for base will get better adhesion(clear silicone:catalyst=10:1)
PigmentClear silicone:catalyst:pigment=10:1.5:1
Top:Clear silicone:catalyst=10:1

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