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The Problems Mold silicone production process often encounte

文章出处:德尚新材料 发表时间:2017-12-16 09:47:29

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A.The reason of mold silicone appear the burning mold phenomenon?
After adding catalyst, the unsaturated resin and resin products will produce a lot of heat. General,the resin’s curing time is 3min,we have to demold as fast as we can after 3min to prevent appear the burning mold phenomenon.
B.The reason of mold silicone cant dry totally ?
Mold silicone is belong to condensed silicone,it will be solid after absorb the water in the air.
In the production process,the water in the silicone run away but did not transfer the right amount of water.
Solution:Add 0.05% water when using silicone and mix well.
C.Why does the mold silicone mold appear less times?
Add too mach silicone oil in the process of making molds,the silicone oil destruction of the molecular weight of silicone.General,mold silicone has great quality,high hardness silicone suitable for the simple parts and the soft silicone suitable for the complicated forming parts. Produce the right product with the right silicone, the mold silicone mold appear more times.
Solution:Using the suitable hardness silicone to product the mold.