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How to make a perfect silicone flocking effect?

文章出处:德尚新材料 发表时间:2017-12-28 15:58:02

Static flocking effect on fabrics has been mature for such a long term. Plastisol ink is most popular for flock adhesive especially on machine production. However, with the eco-friendly request increasing, people slowly give up plastisol ink which contains heavy metal, Phthalate and PVC. People use waterbase flock adhesive. However, the quality of waterbase is much worse, bad adhesion, washing resistance and elasticity. Here i will recommend you guys our Three-component silicone adhesive DS-98ZR for static flocking printing.

Why do we choose three-component silicone for flocking ?

More than 150 hours working time after three component ABC mixed which is totally different from traditional two-component.Silicone would be flash-cure only above 60 degree which is very suitable for machine production.Production capacity is equal to plastisol ink

the mixing rate of DS-98ZR(A: B : C=1:1:1) no need catalyst which is much easier and save mixing time.

Super soft hand-feel,great elasticity, good adhesion and washing resistance.

SGS, RSL,Oeko-tex certificate passed which is PVC-Free, Phthalate free and heavy-metal free, nearly food-grade eco-friendly.

Printing process:

Mix flocking silicone DS-98ZR in rate of DS-98ZR(A: B : C=1:1:1), if you need color effect, mixed with proper silicone pigment. Then print one time three printing without curing.

Static flocking powder when it is wet by flocking machine or equipment. During process of flock powder adhesive, keep the Voltage steady enough.

Heating the flocking printing under 150 degree for 3-5 minutes, leave it for 24 hours before doing washing test.

Washing resistance: 60 degree, each time 40 minutes, more than 10 times.

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