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New upgrade silicone for automatic Round/Oval Machines

文章出处:德尚新材料 发表时间:2017-12-19 11:50:10

Deshare DS-9 SERIES Machine printable Liquid silicone Rubber---New upgrade silicone for automatic Round/Oval Machines

Nowadays, with the great request in eco-friendly standard, many famous brands, textile and printing factory

forcuse much more on eco-friendly ink than ever before. Thus, liquid silicone rubber, which has food-grade 
eco-friendly standard, super soft skin-close and special effects features catch our eyesight soon ! However, 
the limit working time of silicone stop its step in machine bulk production. For such a long time more than 20 
years, silicone printing is still applied mainly on table manual printing. No matter Dow, Korea, Japen silicone, 
we will always meet three biggest printing issues: short working time, great silicone ink waste, low production efficiency 
mesh-block easily. Thus silicone printing still not widely applied until now !!!!!!

Deshare DS-9 series machine printing silicone, a revolution in silicone printing, suitable for both automatic screen
printing machines, we have below features :

1. food-grade eco-friendly
2. a tipical three part 1:1:1 , no need catalyt, retardant seperately anymore !
3.Long printing time more than 20 hours work like plastisol ink
4. Steady quality and flash-cure after printing. (long stand-by time on screen, 
after printing flash cure when heated with proper temperature)
Deshare, always share with you!  We waiting for your test !