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Silicone gel color printing discussed the characteristics an

文章出处:德尚新材料 发表时间:2017-12-16 09:37:29

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1.Silicone color printing- the features of silicone

   Silicone rubber has great heat resistance,cold tolerance, dielectric properties, ozone resistance and air aging resistance etc. The unique advantage of  silicone rubber is that it can be used at extreme temperature from -90℃(even lower) to +300℃(even higher) for a long time. While the tensile strength and tearing strength mechanical property is not very good. Its physical and mechanical properties are not as good as most of synthetic rubber. Except for nitrile silisone and fluorinated silicone rubber, general silicone rubbersoil resistance, solvent resistance is not very good, for this, silicone rubber  are not suitable for the situation of usual terms while it is very suitable for specific situation.
 It is worth mentioning that polymer materials are very important in Biomedical Engineering and the silicone rubber is one important kind of medical macromolecule materia. It has excellent physiological inertness and great compatibility with  the organism . Non-toxic, tasteless, non corrosive and anticoagulant and it can bear tough terms. According to the need, It can be processed into tubular product, sheets, films and special-shaped components, also can be processed into medical equipment and artificial organs etc. Nowadays, there are medical grade silicone rubber at home and abroad.
2.Silicone color printing- the development of silicone


   In recent year, silicone rubber get remarkable achievements.With the rapid growth of consumption, the silicone rubber industry has begun to switch from high-performance special rubber to mass synthetic rubber, becoming one of the most used rubber varieties. As it is reported , from the rubber consumption situation, natural rubber accounts for 41.8%, Styrene butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber accounted for 28.4% together, and silicone rubber is usually used only for building sealants, conductive buttons, and other non tire areas. Only accounting for 6.4% of total rubber consumption. With silicone rubber replacing of other kinds of rubbers in some segment of non-tire fields,Its consumption will increase exponentially and the market space will be further opened.
    In this regard, industry also agree with the view above. It is expected by 2015 ,
silicone rubber will account for 10% - 15% of total domestic rubber consumption, it means that silicone rubber consumpation is expected to reach 1 million to 1.5 billion tons. While in 2020, silicone rubber is expected to account for 20% to 33% of total rubber consumption. In other words, silicone rubber consumption is expected to reach 3million to 5 million tons.The development potential and long-term development is very hopeful and its fast development will make profound effects on related industries. In fact, The linkage effect of the upstream and downstream industries of the silicone rubber industry has gradually begun to appear.