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The different of screen printing and digital printing

文章出处:德尚新材料 发表时间:2017-12-16 09:38:34

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Screen Printing
Screen printing is an age old process when it comes to designing t-shirts. Screen printing uses screens as stencils in order to directly imprint ink onto the fabric of the shirt. The original design is printed onto a screen and a different screen is needed for each color that is used in the design. Once imprinted, the fabric of the t-shirt absorbs the ink, fusing the design and the shirt into one entity.
Screen printing is usually used for larger orders. Most custom design companies will use screen printing if you order multiple shirts of the same design. It is easier and more cost efficient to use screen printing to mass produce than it is digital printing.
Digital Printing
Digital printing is a recent invention in custom t-shirt printing. Digital printing works a lot like how a printer for your computer would work. Instead of having that printer print on a piece of paper, it prints directly onto a t-shirt. There are specialized printers that are made just to print on t-shirts.
Digital printing is an easier process than screen printing. A customer can get a multiple color design without having to have a screen made for each color. This provides for a significant saving in both time and money. Digital printing is often used for designs with a lot of detail, color and high resolution. Digital printers can easily print off a picture onto a shirt without having to go through the process of creating different screens for each different color. Digital printing is often used by t-shirt design companies for smaller orders; as it is easier and faster to digitally print a single shirt than it is to screen print a single shirt.