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Deshare automatic oval printing machine - Worth you have! ! !

文章出处:德尚新材料 发表时间:2018-11-19 17:54:07

Deshare Technology focuses on but not limited to the development of the best screen printing silicone. For many innovative applications such as machine printing silicone and half-tone screen printing. Deshang Technology has also developed a fully automatic oval printing machine. First of all, the core components of the machine are all made of SMC, NSK, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and other international brands to guarantee the life of the machine. Life. Secondly, the fuselage uses steel frame structure and the pallet uses high-quality aluminum profiles processed by milling machine to ensure the performance of the machine.


1, ready-to-wear, cut pieces are available, size double screen version, easy to replace!

2, can be customized color : according to customer needs, custom 8 ~ 24 colors of automatic printing machine (can be installed digital)

3, intelligent control of the machine, each print head can be controlled by itself, printing speed, printing times, ink speed. The man-machine interface is more convenient and efficient to operate.

4, machine parts imported and the country's top materials, connecting rod drive, accurate color, error ± 0.02, durable!

5, printable area 600 * 690mm (can be customized size)

6, each printing head is equipped with a baking equipment, suitable for all kinds of slurry production, especially silicone, waterbase rubber and so on.