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Industry innovation, beyond digital - silicone dot printing technology turned out

文章出处:德尚新材料 发表时间:2018-11-19 18:08:18

The times are developing and technology is innovating!

Deshare Technology has developed the world's first silicone half-tone printing technology through unremitting efforts. This technology combines the material of printing silicone, automatic oval printing machine, and printing process together and makes the pattern has a variety of advantages such as odorless, environmentally friendly, breathable, strong three-dimensional, soft to the touch and vivid color. This technology subverts the inherent mode of traditional water-based ink and digital printing!

We not only provide printing silicone materials, automatic oval printing machines, but also provide services such as half-tone printing, heat transfer, and other complete process technologies!

We are excellent because of professionalism, dedication, and concentration.

Now, we are looking for agents and distributors worldwide. We look forward to your joining!

Deshare Tech will be brave in innovation, subvert the tradition and create brilliance together!

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